Five Times When “Elf” Explained Life Perfectly

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I hope everyone on this earth has seen the movie Elf.  It’s hilarious- but for all of you out there who like a nice, heartwarming ending, it’s got that too.  Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, this movie does describe college life more often than not.  Here are only five examples to prove my point.

  1. “I’m a cotton-headed ninny muggins.”

When you fail an assignment, this is you.  If I’m ever down on myself, it is to the extreme just like Buddy.  Just remember, “You have talents.  Special talents.”  More talents than being tall enough to change the batteries in the smoke detector, too.

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  1. “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”

Whenever I answer the phone, I totally want to say this instead of “Hello?”  It’s so much more creative!  Also, I tend to forget to ask people their favorite color, so this would be a great way to start a friendship.  Then you always know at least what color their birthday present should be.

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  1. “He’s an Angry Elf.”

We’ve all seen someone and said to ourselves, “Wow.  He/She’s an angry elf…”  Sometimes, it’s so fun to make people into angry elves though.  They start freaking out and they start to look like they might just explode.  There’s a line, but I would not recommend crossing that line. Because then, as we see in Buddy’s situation, things just start flying and stuff falls off the walls.  Then there’s just one giant mess to clean up, and nobody wants that.

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  1. Jumping on the tree to try to put the star on top.

I am on the shorter side.  For example, my bed was lofted, I needed to kind of jump to get in it each night.  And I keep a small folding stepstool in my room.  So I totally relate to this moment right here.  For all of us short people, this is a perfect description of most of our lives.  Just watch.  Did anyone ever think that we could reach these things?

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  1. “SANTA’S COMINGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!”

I get SO excited for Christmas each year.  If you don’t celebrate Christmas, at least acknowledge that you get excited for finals to be over so you can go on break and get home.  My whole street decorates, and my sister just goes running around yelling, “IT’S CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSS!!!”  Only three and a half months left until Winter Break…

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