“What’s A Chanticleer?”

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If you haven’t already heard, Coastal Carolina University took home our first national championship title this week after beating Arizona 4-3 in the third game of the College World Series finals. Not only was this a huge win for our baseball team, but for the entire school. Until now, not many people had ever heard of a Chanticleer or knew that Conway, SC even existed. The amount of recognition Coastal has received in the past few weeks has been absolutely insane. However, outside of baseball and a few tweets gone viral, nobody really knows what it means to be a Chanticleer. So, to shed some light on some common misconceptions, here’s a peek into the life of a CCU student. Welcome to #TealNation.FullSizeRender

A Chanticleer is a rooster.

Every student is tired of having to explain this, along with how to pronounce it. Shon-ta-cleer, say it with me now, SHON-TA-CLEER.  Coastal Carolina used to be a regional campus under the University of South Carolina. When we became an independent university, it was decided that the mascot should still resemble the USC Gamecock, but in order to give CCU their own identity, they chose a Chanticleer which comes from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Yes, our mascot is fictional, but our Chant pride (pronounced SHONT) is very, very real.

Rooster in field

We are not a party school.

Our reputation kindly bestowed upon us as a result to things like being featured on I’m Shmacked is actually very inaccurate. Social media has a funny way of representing only a small percentage of people and events that somehow earn a label for the collective. Yes, it’s true that all colleges have an occasional rager, but if you’re looking for a school specifically for the party scene, don’t look at us. We hear it all the time: “Oh, you go to Coastal? What’s your major, beach parties?” No, actually, it’s not. There are hardly ever parties on the beach anyways. Why, you ask? Great question. Well, because…

We’re in Conway, not Myrtle Beach.

Contrary to popular belief, they are two totally different places. We still go to the beach as often as we can, but that 15 mile drive down jam-packed Hwy 501 takes 25 minutes on a good day. post-6769-aint-nobody-got-time-for-that-yIus

We are relevant in sports.

As if that wasn’t obvious now. What most people didn’t know until recently, we are D1 school, now in the Sun Belt Conference. Our football team ranked 17 on the FCS Top 25 and our Men’s Soccer Team is one of the Top 25 NCAA teams. We existed before going to Omaha and will just get better from here. FullSizeRender (1)

We all bleed teal.

If you don’t like the color, you either have to learn to love it or transfer. We hold #TealTuesday events every week and the entire campus turns monochromatic. Even our football field is teal. Everyone is involved in something, whether it be in one of the 180+ student organizations, Greek life, or intramural sports. Even if you don’t play a sport, you watch the games and you live tweet the whole thing. No matter what, the Teal Nation bands together. We don’t tolerate anyone who tries to tear us down. School pride runs so deep our veins actually turn teal by junior year.
FullSizeRender (3)

We have successful alumni.

For the people who think nothing good comes out of Coastal Carolina, think again. Josh Norman and Mike Tolbert both went to the Super Bowl earlier this year with the Carolina Panthers. Any House of Cards fans know Doug Stamper aka Michael Kelly? Don’t forget Bailey Hanks, the star of Legally Blonde on Broadway. Don’t forget Olympic athlete Amber Campbell or professional baseball players Mike Costanzo and Dave Sappelt. That’s to name just a few.11664142

We have more than liberal art programs.

While we are a liberal arts school, our top 3 most popular degrees are in Marine Science, Business Management, and Sports and Exercise Science, respectively.

C-I…N-O isn’t just a motto, it’s a place to eat.

Here at Coastal, CINO is a word you’ll get tired of hearing. We don’t have Student IDs, we have CINO cards. Freshmen don’t attend welcome weekend, they attend CINO tie. Oh, and don’t be confused. CINO Grille is located in our favorite cafeteria, (generally referred to as CINO) where you can get anything from Chick-fil-a to sushi.You love it, you hate it, you miss it when you’re gone…. It’s part of the CCU lifestyle.

cino grille

Our campus is anything but boring.

There is always something new going on every single day. From cultural celebrations, puppies on campus, and themed dinners at Hicks to marathons, tailgates and student vs faculty sporting events, you never run out of things to put on your schedule. Every Chanticleer knows to just head to Prince Lawn whenever boredom strikes. The center of campus is where you’ll find fairs, concerts, festivals, or free food almost every day of the week. We have a gym complete with a rock climbing wall, multiple practice fields, volleyball and basketball courts, pools and a golf course. And if none of that is for you, when in doubt…

Go to Tongy’s.

The Coop is cool, Broadway’s better, but real Chanticleers know that you don’t have to go far to enjoy your Thirsty Thursdays. Tongy’s Shmackhouse is Coastal’s #1 place to go for a good burger, good drinks and a good time.

Written by: Corie White

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