20 Struggles Only Iowa State University Students Have During Finals Week

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Finals week: the two words that make college students everywhere tense up and reach their breaking point, wishing they would’ve started studying weeks ago. Here at Iowa State University, it’s no different. It’s pretty obvious when finals week rolls around on campus, and the struggle is definitely real in Cyclone Nation. Here are 20 struggles that we Iowa State Cyclones face and prevail through during finals.

20. Looking for the albino squirrel for luck on your finals.

giphy (3)

Come on little buddy, make an appearance. Please bring me some luck. I’m desperate. I’m begging you.

19. Avoiding the zodiac in the MU at all costs.

635976426872898265-1858405901_giphy (3)

Under no circumstances will you see a fellow Iowa Stater step foot on the zodiac, especially during dreaded finals week. Everyone knows that stepping on the zodiac will curse you to fail your next exam, so don’t take the chance and avoid it like the plague during finals.

18. Desperately needing to grab a cup of coffee, but the line at Caribou is longer than the list of things you have to do.

63597645038695120628021323_giphy (23)

Is it worth it to wait in line for a Turtle Mocha? Yes, yes it is. But do I have time? No, no I don’t.

17. Trying to find a spot in the library but getting distracted with people putting up tents, hammocks, and video games.

giphy (4)

Some Cyclones truly are taking advantage of the whole Parks open 24/7 thing.  I can’t tell if  I envy you and want to join you, or if I am just frustrated with you. You do you.

16. Wanting to be like Sir Lancelot and Elaine and just  drift away from your obligations on Lake Laverne.


Guys, you look so peaceful and stress-free. Please take me with you to do mellow swan activities. I envy you.

15. Trying to use up all your meal bundles and dining dollars in between the constant studying.

giphy (5)

Even if you’re on the Bronze plan, you still find yourself needing to use 57 meal bundles in this last week to get your moneys worth. It will be done. Either you’re swiping for other people because you have so many meal bundles left, or you’re begging for swipes so you don’t starve and die.

14. Walking by Beardshear thinking that they take all of your tuition money and watch you struggle through this week of hell.

giphy (6)

Are there any refunds on my Ubill I can get if I show you how much sleep I’m not getting and how much of my hair I’ve pulled out from the stress? You’ve taken my money and now my sanity. (I just need someone to blame everything on since it’s finals week. Forgive me.)

13. Listening to the Campanile playing tunes, trying to cheer you up while trudging to your final.


It doesn’t work, but I still enjoy the effort. Also, the campanile is such a pretty sight, so that’s a plus.

12. Being bombarded with ISU course evaluation reminder emails every single day until you give in and fill them out.

giphy (7)

Let’s be honest: we only fill these out for extra credit or if we have pretty strong feelings towards the class/professor.

11. Watching the Cyride go by and seeing everyone’s defeated faces as the week drags on.

giphy (8)

Ah, the looks of complete exhaustion, despair, and hopelessness.

10. Trying to frantically use up all of your printing credits before the semester ends.


You either have too many to use up, or you are struggling to get by to print out the 10 page exam review guides and information to paste onto your poster project. 

9. Wanting to rewind time back to Barks at Parks.


We’ve been waiting for this all semester. Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing visit from our furry, four-legged pals? During finals week, all we can think about is how nice it was during dead week to spend some time with our furry friends. If we could turn back time, we’d never leave them and wouldn’t finish what we need to get done.

8. Taking advantage of the Banana Split Nights and another sweet treats that are at all the dining centers and around campus.

giphy (9)

Calories don’t count during finals, and anyone who tells you they do is simply misguided. There’s so many sweets to keep you energized, not to mention the jolly ranchers and other freebies being given to us on Central Campus. 

7. Trying to figure out which books you rented from the ISU Bookstore and which ones you bought in between your studying.

giphy (10)

Staring at a textbook you never needed in the class and thinking to yourself, now where did you come from? Digging for your receipts and trying to sort out where each book belongs is the absolute last thing you want to be doing between cramming sessions.

6. Obeying the 23/7 quiet hours, but also having to deal with those on your floor who don’t care if they’re being obnoxious while you’re trying to study.

giphy (12)

I mean, it’s always courtesy hours, right?

5. Praying for some Hilton Magic for yourself on everything finals week throws at you.

giphy (2)Dear Hilton Magic, please let me also have some unexpected victories.

4. Ordering Insomnia Cookies to stress eat while studying and then to eat while mourning your GPA after your finals.

giphy (13)

If I had to choose one way to gain 15 pounds, it’d for sure be through eating too many boxes of Insomnia. Everyone’s beloved Insomnia that’s open until the wee hours of 3 AM is fully utilized during finals week. Order. Stress eat. Repeat.

3. Hearing people having fun on Welch Ave as you’re hibernating in your room trying to study.

giphy (14)

You wonder if these people even have finals or a care in the world. Half of your mind says these people are goals, while the other half says that they are crazy for not taking the time to study and do well in their classes.

2. Keeping yourself updated with the testing centers length of line webcam but constantly putting off going to take your exam.

giphy (15)

Open MyState. Check length of line for Durham 139. Check length of line for Carver 060. Check length of line for Gilman 2552. Close MyState app and prolong test even longer.

1. Even though finals week is testing your emotional limits, you are still trying to “enjoy your adventure at Iowa State.”


Smile through the pain. I know this week is hard, but you can make it through! It’s easy to remain thankful we go to such a beautiful university with great opportunities, and it’s important to keep this in mind even during finals week. Keep your head up, ace your finals, and enjoy your well-deserved break. Until next semester, fellow Cyclones!

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