20 Reasons Moms Are The Best

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  1. She has been there for you your ENTIRE life.
  2. She takes care of you when you’re sick.
  3. She makes you food.
  4. She has a cleaning superpower.
  5. All she wants is for you to succeed.
  6. She gets happier than you when you receive a good grade.
  7. She doesn’t sugarcoat things.
  8. She gives the best advice.
  9. She screams for you the loudest in any athletic game or ceremony.
  10. When you have a bad day she will make your favorite dessert to surprise you.
  11. She sings along to your music in the car.
  12. She will tell you the truth when you ask how you look.
  13. She always puts your needs first.
  14. She will be the first one to give you a hug when you need it.
  15. She buys you the most thoughtful gifts.
  16. She tells the best stories about you as a kid.
  17. She does your laundry even when you’re in college.
  18. She is your best friend. 
  19. She will always come pick you up.
  20. She is your number one fan.
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