15 Perks Of Having A Guy Best Friend

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The other day I was thinking about how lucky I am to have my best guy friend Thomas in my life. I’m not saying that girls aren’t good enough but guys are just refreshing. Sometimes you want to get away from the emotional crazed drama atmosphere and just be with a guy that gives 0 fu*ks. I’m not trying to generalize women here, that’s not my intention but in my experience, I’ve always had to deal with the stupidest drama ever whether big or small. At the end of the night some girl is ALWAYS crying. So here are the 15 perks I’ve realized with having a male best friend:

15. Cuddling and Closeness:

Sometimes you just want to snuggle up to a guy and cuddle. Not necessarily because you like them but just because you like the feeling of being in the arms of a guy. Once when I was getting over a hangover, Thomas was over and we watched a movie. I fell asleep with my head on his lap, while he passed his hands through my hair. It was such a calming and relaxing feeling that I peacefully fell asleep.

14. Gaming:

If you’re a gamer like me, you probably have a mad addiction to gaming for hours. Well when you have a guy best friend, the whole day you could just be sitting on the couch playing COD or other games. Unlike most girls, they’re not interested in playing video games and rather go shopping or gossip. Sometimes I just want to have a chill day to game and with most of my female friends I can’t.

13. Guy Perspective:

When it comes to understanding and deciphering the male text messages, I always go to Thomas. He’s my go to for when I’m trying to understand what the guy I’m interested in is thinking about, if I’m being played, if I should pursue it or lose him. Of course I ask my other female friends too but he brings up points girls wouldn’t have thought of.

12. Comfort:

Because you’re not a girl he’s aiming to get with he has no reason to lie to you about anything or pretend to be something he’s not really. He’s comfortable around you and you are with him so you can say whatever you want without being afraid you’ll weird him out or feel self-conscious. You can be you. You don’t have to force any sort of conversation.

11. Protects you:

Your guy best friend will always have a soft side for you, because you’re basically a part of his family now. So if you ever get in trouble or some shit happened to you, he would definitely defend you and protect you whether it’s verbal or physical. One thing I’ve seen around guys is they’ve got each other’s backs regardless of whether they’re in a fight or not, something that’s been a problem among women. Once someone was just asking Thomas why we were hanging out so often if he wasn’t getting anything from me and right away he shut them down, saying I wasn’t just some sex object but much more then that. It’s nice to know that someone will be there to shut any type of haters before they even begin.

10. Strictly Friendship:

At the beginning of these kinds of best friend relationship there is a time where you think one of you likes each other, when in reality you just want to be friends. That’s when you have a talk with them to tell them about the whole friendship thing. If it’s mutual you get your male best friend. Which makes everything you do around them whether it’s saying I love you or cuddling not weird. It’s just showing them you care about them deeply but not in a romantic way.

9. Chilling:

Guys don’t need to get ready as long as girls, you can literally just text him: “wanna chill?” and 30 minutes later they’ll be at your door. No questions asked about anything, they’re just down to chill.

8. Priority:

You are one of their main priorities, if shit goes down and he’s with his boys. He won’t even think twice, he’ll be on his way to your house as soon as possible. I didn’t think it would be true a first but once I was coming down from something and I was feeling really groggy and shitty about myself. I felt like I wanted to cry all night (I slept all day) and I needed to be with someone. I texted Thomas that I just wanted to have a bro talk cause of the way I was feeling and that I just needed someone to be there for me. He legit came not even 15 minutes later. We just talked all night and laughed. It honestly really cheered me up and I got to know some interesting things about him.

7. Personality:

Like I mentioned before their main focus isn’t to see you for some hook up, you’re much more to them then that. This shows they genuinely like you for who you are and they respect you.

6. Texting:

I for one am so bad at texting guys, I always write too much or don’t respond with the lol at the end of every sentence. With a best guy friend, you don’t even need to worry about that dumb bullshit OR over analyze if you’re bothering him by texting.

5. Listening

Guys are known for their bad listening skills and I’ve realized a lot of them rather talk about themselves then talk about you. Surprisingly that doesn’t happen when you’re with your guy best friend. Thomas actually listens to me complain about my life whether it’s stupid or serious.

4. Insecurities/Worries

Your insecurities like “Is he seeing someone else” “Why isn’t he answering his phone?” “Does he not love me anymore?” All that crap, pack it up and put it away. Since you and your best guy friend aren’t dating you don’t need to worry about things like that. If he’s getting laid or seeing someone you’ll genuinely be happy for him and he will for you too.

3. Good Substitute Date

Don’t want to go to prom without a date? Or because your shit boyfriend at the time decided to do something else on your prom night? (Honestly that happened to me *cry*) Well good thing your best friend is here to take his place! Bonus if your best friend is smoking hot. But yes, your best guy friend is always a good pick if you aren’t seeing someone and you want to bring a date. You already know that even if the event is boring you’ll still have fun because; well you’re with your best friend.

2. Connecting

Being able to connect with the opposite sex without all the physical sexual tension or the complications of having a boyfriend. This is one of the most important lessons I’ve learnt and it’s because I always assumed that girls and guys can’t be friends at all. But getting to know Thomas and actually being myself around a guy that isn’t my boyfriend; Has made me realize that, that’s not true. Obviously some things are reserved for couples but don’t limit yourself to how deep a connection can go with an individual.

1. BGFF (Best Guy Friend Forever)

You guys have seen each other at your absolute worst and best, but no matter what you will always be best friends. They’re the one guy that will 100% never try to hurt you or lie to you. And even if they do fuck up, they will apologize after because a stupid fight isn’t worth losing a friendship over.

Overall Thomas and I have our differences but at the end of the day I would never trade my friendship with him for anything in the world because I know he’s got my back and he’ll always be a loyal friend. I love him for the person he is and I know he does as well. Best of luck to girls finding a guy best friend 🙂


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